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Join us in Miami on Sept 9, 2017 Florida Pharmacy Association
Law and Regulatory Conference


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Pharmacy Health Information Exchange

Telepharmacy Path to the Telehealth Future


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10:15-11:45am Education: 1.5 hrs GCE/TECH/RC
Telepharmacy: Path to the Telehealth Future Christopher Presenter: Sullivan, PhD

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Explain the technical capabilities of the telecommunication infrastructure underlying Telepharmacy implementation; Identify the key Telepharmacy policy issues that drive regulations at state and federal levels; Describe how Telepharmacy solutions are implemented in the USA today; Recognize specific use cases that demonstrate the value of Telepharmacy in a pharmaceutical setting. Upon completion technicians will be able to: Recognize the infrastructure of implementing telepharmacy; Discuss state and federal regulations of telepharmacy; Recognize cases that have shown the value of telepharmacy.

11:45-1:15pm Education: 1.5 hrs GCE/TECH/RC
Pharmacy Health Information Exchange: The Promise. The Reality. The Future.
Presenter: Walt Culbertson

Upon completion of this activity, pharmacists will be able to: Describe current state of electronic clinical exchange between pharmacies, physicians and other medical providers; Provide an overview of the existing methods of electronic connections within the pharmacy/provider community such as electronic prescribing; Discuss the evolving foundations for better engaging HIE for clinical information flow that can support Medication Therapy Management to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients. Upon completion technicians will be able to: Define HIE; Recognize the current state of electronic patient exchange between pharmacies and physicians; Recognize the use of electronic prescribing in FL.

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