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Since 2004, Connecting Healthcare® has been proving ourselves one customer at a time. It is that personal focus that keeps us successful. Our customers consider us the 'Dream Team' of health information technology, legal and governance consultants. Our experience in health care, law and information systems processing includes significant leadership, legal, technology, governance and operations experience spanning all major facets of the health care industry.

Utilizing our CEM project management framework; Connecting Healthcare® improves the efficiency of the task which will in turn save time and reduce associated costs. We facilitate communication between management and team to increase the visibility of challenges encountered and develop strategies to respond to dynamic changes introduced by external events in an on going project. We work to assure a quality project for our clients at reduced cost.

Your Success is Our Success

We are actively engaged as consultants in projects for a diverse range of customers. We have been hired to lead and implement a variety of large and small projects to promote consumer engagement in healthcare; HIPAA and quality program compliance, health information technology (HIT); regional and national health information exchange (HIE); electronic health records (EHR); HIT for disaster preparedness; and electronic prescribing.

Our goal is to be the very best at what we do and that starts with selecting and attracting and retaining the best talent all striving to work towards our common goal: 100% customer's satisfaction. We measure our success based our customer's success. If you are successful then we have accomplished our goals as a company and your partner for patients™

Some of our key benefits


Walt is always very organized, impartial, motivating and professional in his interactions with a very a diverse group of stakeholders. He always exemplifies an excellent work that it ethic and strong initiative skills while listening to everyone's input in a non-judgmental and encouraging manner. He had a broad understanding and depth of knowledge from the perspective of physicians, insurers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders. He organized an excellent educational seminar at ePrescribe Summit last summer, and he was instrumental in the success of electronic prescribing adoption and expansion in Florida.

Linda Delo, DO, President Florida Osteopathic Medical Association
Letter to Walt Culbertson - May 14, 2010


HIT and Compliance Consulting and Meaningful Use Response assistance for Covered Entities and their Business Associates. Got a question>? Need a quick answer? Just get that phone call or 'Dear Doctor' letter from ONC or CMS? Check out our flat-rate per half-hour pricing for quick issues or questions. We also create custom pricing for large and small projects and more complex efforts! Contact us today!